Top 5 Accounting Softwares in Nepal For Your Business in Year 2019 & 2020

top accounting softwares in nepal

Accounting is an integral part of every business. From small businesses to the large one, accounting plays vital role to keep every element intact. Running your business smoothly requires you to keep proper record of your account. 

From the traditional method of counting and writing that began from Mesopotamian ages, to current digital technologies to keep a record of the income and expenses, accounting has also faced significant changes.

Predominance of latest technological innovations and digital methodologies is inevitable, accounting and inventory management can not remain uninfluenced. Therefore, it is essential for every business owner to anticipate this paradigm shift and implement new techniques in every element of business , accounting being one of them.

Why To Introduce  Accounting Softwares in Your Business?

Introducing accounting software to your business not only reduces the possible human errors in your accounting, it also increases the efficiency of your account department. There are different benefits of using accounting software.

Accounting software helps to automate the arduous and tedious tasks. It leverages the account and inventory management system by introducing digital efficacy. 

Introducing accounting software can reduce the cost for the same purpose. Comparing the time cost and labor cost, using a software to manage your account can bring significant difference in the cost.

To maintain all the facets of your business, like, warehouse management, inventory management, ERP solution and Payroll solution, it would always be wise to introduce the software that can bring some ease to the process. 

What Are Some Best Accounting Softwares ?

There is a multitude of accounting softwares in the current market. Based on the size and nature of your business you can pick the best one for you. Here we’ve listed some of the best accounting softwares used by the businesses these days: 

Intuit QuickBooks Online

Intuit Quickbook Online provides you the services to track income and expenses, send invoices and receive payments, prepare reports, make estimates, track sales and taxes and many other accounting feature starting with the $7/Month. Available 24/7 with their chat support, Quickbook Online is one of the best accounting software for small and medium sized businesses.


Unbelievably easy to use, Freshbook is one of the best invoicing software for small businesses. With time tracking feature and subscription model, Freshbook facilitates you with unique invoice management features. Starting with $15 per month , this accounting software is worth investing for your business.

Deltek Vision

Deltek vision is a project-based software for the business firms that combine the project , accounting and resource management. It is a web based Project-based ERP for Professional Services Firms.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that provides you support to manage your finances, automate business workflows, and helps your accounting department to work efficiently. Starting only with $9 per month, this software is worth investing for the welfare of your business.

Tally Solutions

Tally.ERP 9 is an accounting and inventory software for small and medium businesses. Introducing Tally ERP 9 helps you to manage your accounting, inventory and other business requirements in a simplified way. Starting with $35 per month, with this small amount of fortune you can feel relieved by introducing simplicity, reliability and speed to your accounting and inventory management department.

In a Nutshell:Top 5 Accounting Softwares in Nepal For Your Business in Year 2019 & 2020 

We have enlisted some of the best solutions for your business to manage accounting. It is essential for your business to have a good accounting solution integrated.  We have discussed the features, pricing and benefits of different softwares available for your account management. 

So there are plenty of options out there, it’s time for you to introduce the modern technique to your bolster your business procedures. So, add up some booster your accounting department, fasten your seatbelt and get prepared for that speed your accounting system is going to be propelled with.