Edit Log / Audit Trail feature in TallyPrime

audit trail in latest tally Accounting Software

Keep track of each voucher or transaction along with date & time for tracking any change’s

It also displays user's name who edited plus tracks deleted transaction. Not just transactions, one can even track changes made for accounting ledgers, accounting groups and stock item masters. The best part is that one can easily track the modified transaction from reports and quickly compare the modification with the previous version.

Edit log for transactions and masters

  • Get to know when and who made the changes - captures user details right from creation to alteration to deletion, along with the date details.
  • Compare and know the version difference - quickly compare the previous version and know what all the elements users have modified.
  • Enhanced report to filter - All such reports such as Daybooks, Voucher Registers are enhanced with an option to filter; for sorting the edited and deleted transactions quickly.
  • Edit log extra feature - In some countries, it’s must to be incorporated in software and as well as maintain the edit log.Some will like to enable the edit log, default at all times, while others may allow them to enable/disable as per one’s needs.
  • How to manage the edit log in TallyPrime?

  • • Download and install TallyPrime 2.1 or latest ELW version
  • • Load company data
  • • Alt + K for Company Menu à Alter
  • • Press F12 for ‘Configure & Enable ‘ Set Edit Log Applicability’
  • • Next, Set ‘Enable Edit Log’ to ‘Yes’ in the company alteration screen
  • • If you are creating a new company, you can follow the steps from the F12 configuration onwards


    As per varying business needs, there are two different product releases, ‘TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1’ and the regular ‘TallyPrime release 2.1’. TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1 comes with edit log feature enabled all the time, without an option to disable it. While TallyPrime Release 2.1 gives you an option to enable/disable the edit log when required.